Studio Services


Kevin Reeves
Vocals, Keyboards, and creative production for your next project.

From simple song demos to full-blown albums, , Kevin’s creative contributions will help your project soar to new heights.
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A great demo insures a songs ability to be pitched to publishers, TV and Film music supervisors, and anyone else in the market to license a great song.
Whether you need a simple single instrument/vocal demo, or a full band production, Kevin can create the perfect demo to present your song in a way that insures maximum pitchability.

Kevin has been providing session keyboard services for the past 10 years, lending his talents to clients around the globe.

He uses only the best software instruments, insuring that the keyboard tracks breathe life into your music.
Whether you need Piano, Rhodes/Wurlitzer, Clav, B3, strings, programmed drums, or any other instrument you can imagine, Kevin is able to deliver.

With over 15 years experience as a vocalist both on stage and in studio, Kevin Reeves can deliver topnotch vocal tracks for your sessions.
His vocal stylings encompass a wide range of genres including rock, pop, R and B, Metal, country, and even Jazz and classical. Check out the samples above and hear for yourself.

Audio editing is one of the processes that helps take your project to the next level.
Whether it’s vocal tuning or cleanup, instrument comping and quantization, or editing a presentation, these processes allow everything to fall into place so your music or other content can shine.
Before and after samples coming soon

Releasing a single, EP, or Album? Let Kevin Reeves be your producer or project manager.
From preproduction to pressing, Kevin understands the creation process in this dizzying DIY climate.
He’ll guide you each step of the way, insuring that your vision is preserved at all times.

He has connections with folks in all phases of the production process: including session musicians, mixing, mastering, artwork, layout, etc.
He will assemble and work closely with the right combination of talented minds to bring your work to market in a way you never thought possible.