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Kevin Reeves creates a quickening tapestry of sounds; garnered from his rich and varied life experiences and the music he has ingested along the way.

Born in Michigan, his father was a member of the U.S Coast Guard; as a child Kevin was regularly on the move; never really calling one place home. This meant that by a young age, Reeves had experienced the varied cultures and taken in the associated music of the different communities his family inhabited.

Kevin’s music is difficult to pigeonhole; although an emotive and aesthetic thread ensures cohesion exists in his opuses.

This is music with a haunting quality, occasionally dabbling in dissonance and with more than a cursory nod to the progressive works of bands such as ELO, Queen, Yes and Genesis. Kevin does not stop there though; elements of power pop, heavy metal and classic rock are sprinkled throughout his latest release ‘Remember to Forget’ (February 2014).

It is this ability to effortlessly assimilate these otherwise disparate elements into a sound that is uniquely his that makes Reeve’s music so exhilarating. Add to that a skyscraping, bruisingly emotive voice and you have a concoction which is impossible to ignore.

Reeves has honed the rare quality of managing to blend his consummate musicianship with a broad lexicon of tasteful studio trickery. The excitement in his music is enhanced by a confection of brilliant production and, at times, leftfield sonic manipulation; resulting in a wonderfully engaging sonic cocktail.

One constant throughout his work is the defiance in Kevin’s voice. It is this defiance which ensures that no matter how serious or elegiac the messages in the lyrics, his songs retain an uplifting and inspirational feel.

This is a voice of monumental strength and the music of a man who needs to be heard.

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